The large rectal polyp – Thursday 11 March, 2021

The Large Rectal Polyp remains a therapeutic conundrum for many endoscopists. New scientific developments now underpin the best practice approach. Much of this innovation has come from our team at Westmead. Prof Alessandro Repici from Milan, Italy will be joining the discussion.

If your clinical practice involves colonoscopy, don’t miss this important webinar. All colonoscopists should embrace the best practice approach to rectal polyps.

A reminder that you may find it helpful in reviewing our 4 video cases below.

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SIES Series I - Videos intentionally have no sound

Case Video 1
40 mm 0 – Is Granular large non-pedunculated colorectal polyp in sigmoid colon treated by EMR2

Case Video 2
Large non-pedunculated colorectal polyp
treated by EMR

Case Video 3
Large non-pedunculated colorectal polyp at anorectal junction treated be EMR

Case Video 4
Large non-pedunculated rectal polyp
treated by ESD