Endoscopic detection, characterisation and management of early gastric cancer

Thursday 5th August 8pm – 9:30pm AEST (Sydney time)

Early Gastric Cancer remains a therapeutic conundrum for many endoscopists. New scientific developments now underpin the best practice approach. Prof. Takuji Gotoda from Tokyo, Japan will be joining the discussion.

In 2021, gastric cancer remains an important cause of mortality in the Western world, more than 1000 Australians will die from it this year. Seen in perspective, this is more than one fifth of the annual mortality from colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in Australia.

With the advent of widespread population based screening for colorectal cancer, gastroscopy is also frequently performed for associated upper GI symptoms. Like colorectal cancer, gastric cancer also has precursor lesions which are amenable to early detection and treatment in the pre-invasive stage. Moreover, a significant subgroup of early gastric cancers are suitable for curative endoscopic treatment.

The endoscopist must be aware of the features of both the ‘at risk stomach’ and ‘average risk stomach’ and the standardised approach to routine evaluation. In addition, best practice techniques to characterise the full gambit of lesions, from the very subtle to more advanced pathology need to be embraced.

This webinar will cover all of these aspects and more. If your clinical practice involves gastroscopy, then don’t miss this important webinar!

All of us at SIES and Westmead thank you sincerely for your continued support.

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Professor Michael Bourke
Chairman SIES
Director Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia

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