Optimising polypectomy in the colon in the era of AI: Hot, cold and lukewarm

THIS WEBINAR HAS NOW ENDED – Thursday 6 May, 2021

Polyp detection, characterisation and resection remains the cornerstone of colonoscopy. Artificial intelligence (AI) will have an increasingly pivotal role in the first two of these. New scientific developments now underpin the best practice approach. Much of the innovation around polyp resection has come from our team at Westmead. Prof Cesare Hassan, a world leader in AI, from Rome, Italy will also be joining the discussion.

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AI use in colonoscopy

Invited Speaker

Professor Cesare Hassan

Professor Cesare Hassan is a clinical gastroenterologist with special interest in new technologies applied to CRC screening. In this field, he has participated in several international and national trials, including several FDA registration trials, on detection and characterization of colorectal polyps as Principal Investigator or co-investigator.

As chair of the Guideline Committee of ESGE, he has published several guidelines in all the main endoscopic field, including precancerous lesions in upper- and lower-GI. As expert in economic analysis and economic models, he has assessed the benefits and costs of new technologies, such as Resect and Discard, Propofol-sedation, CT colonography, colon capsule, and Artificial Intelligence for polyp detection and characterization.