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Ms Nenny Suzanah

Ambulatory Endoscopy Centre
Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
Ms Nenny Suzanah has worked in the healthcare industry for 28 years, with 13 years in nursing and 15 years in healthcare operations, management and administration. Her experience spanned nursing, research, programme management, operational and administrative portfolios. In the past decade, Ms Suzanah has been actively involved in infrastructure development and facilities in Singapore General Hospital (SGH), such as the development of training and simulation centres, operating theatres, outpatient clinic, patient service centres, endoscopy centres, and manages these facilities upon completion. Along with the design and development of new infrastructure projects, Ms Suzanah also leads in the implementation of new systems, new operating models, development of manpower, competencies, training blueprints, and re-organisation of resources in readiness to operationalise the facilities. Amongst SGH’s many completed campus development projects is the high-volume, Ambulatory Endoscopy Centre, including the Gastro-Intestinal Functional Unit, and the new Inpatient and Lung Endoscopy Centre. Ms Suzanah currently oversees the operations and management of these centres. In the past three years, she has also led various training, education and quality improvement projects, and has led her team to winning individual and team awards in various regional and international competitions. Ms Nenny Suzanah holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, an MBA (Operations, Finance Engineering) and other post-graduate qualifications.
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